Sunday, May 5, 2013

Block 3

Going to end my block 3 soon
4 more months to go until I am back HOME!!!!
I hope time flies but in the other hand this indicate my UNI exam is coming too
矛盾呀矛盾  D:
btw I still got tonnes to study but I'm still hanging on net
gonna sleep soon, good night world



Saturday, April 20, 2013


Seriously I have no idea when is the last time I log in to my blog's account
As expected, life as a medic student  -.-
Finally I start to get use to the life and people around here
Sometimes, when I skype with my mum I will complain to her that my studies is very hard, a lot to study which will never end and so on but she will always say, "Who ask you to choose this course? This is the path that you chose yourself. "
Well, I know that's true but you know sometimes I just need to spill out my problems, stress and tiredness to someone. My complains are just a way to express my feelings.
Don't think that I am very free today. In fact I have tonnes of topics to study and my block exam is coming soon D:
This is why I'm always homesick. I'm not that kind studying person, I don't like to study at all but what to do, my course needed it. So I feel very respect to those JPA scholar, how can they keep study and study?
There is time when I felt very tired, I feel like giving up. Although I'm less motivated sometimes but I will not give up!!! I WONT GIVE UP!!! I want go become a good doctor!!! I need to find  a way to keep myself motivated and passionate all the time. 加油,曾祖恩!!! 朋友们,你们也加油!!!

My mum and aunts flying to Europe today for 3 weeks. "阿花出城" she said...LOL
She is going to visit her friend staying in Holland and of course to tour around Europe. So envy right!!! But then she has been working so hard for so long and never have chance to get a good rest. She always tell me that she is tired of working already as she started working since the age of 16 until now and she still have to keep continue to work to pay my big amount of studies fees. Thank you so much mum!! It's time to have a good rest and enjoy, have a safe trip!!

Felt so much better after blogging and will try to blog as frequent as possible
I still have a lot of stories to share but I have to go so hope that next time I can share them out and hope the "next time" will not be after a very long time
And I miss all my buddies and friends!!! I miss Kuantan!!!
God bless you all and me!!



Thursday, September 27, 2012

Recent me

Currently I'm in Manipal, India pursuing my degree course in medicine
the air is so dusty here and the traffics were very bad 
you can just keep hearing the honing sound non stop on the road 
crossing the road has becoming a deep knowledge here
because vehicles were the priority, they will just pass by without caring the people walking-.-

We have classes from 8am to 5pm in the evening 
schedule is kinda pack as well, 
2 hours of anatomy dissection class we had 4 days per week were so tiring
even on Saturday we will have class : (
lecturers also expect us after class will go back and study  
but the brain already keep functioning since morning
go back study somemore...really no need to rest meh?? -.-
everyday I feel so tiring and about 10pm I will go to bed
but the problem is the next morning I still feel tired!!pathetic!!!!!
sighhhhh~~ maybe I had too much holiday and my engine already cold down
you can see me still online-ing everyday while other people were busy studying T.T
keep study and studying is just not my cup of tea but the bad news is the courses I took needed that
what to do??I've chosen this path 

I always stick with 4 of my course mate here and all were chinese
but I am still not that close with them yet...not really can click and no much topic
maybe I'm just too shy lol xD
my desk mate beside me both were chinese guy and we were like hi during class starts and bye after that 
I cannot express myself here T.T

Hope everything will goes well here and will try to update my blog more often!
Cheers everyone!!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

My 20th Birthday has been quite a long time I deserted my blog because of laziness 
will update something that happened recently in this post

I went to KL last 2 weeks with my friends during the Raya holiday.
Yes, finally I get chance to try in Jogoya, a Japanese style buffet restaurant on the first day.
omg I ate a lot, no kidding!!please call me the Queen of Jogoya~~ *waving* lol

The next day, we went for laser tag game (something similar to paintball but replacing with laser)
in Midvalley and we actually had so much fun!

At night, I went for clubbing with my secondary school friends to countdown for my 20 th birthday
at first I was alright but in the end I cannot even get myself to the toilet and I think you can guess what happened next...I vomited INSIDE of the club! so much embarrassing......
My friends immediately get me out of there but Oh No!! I puke again! OUTSIDE of the club! embarrass x2
the most unforgettable birthday ever >.<

Last day, I met and fare-welled with another few of secondary friends before went back to Kuantan.
My dad picked me up at the bus station but the weird thing is he did not fetching me home...
he brought me to the beach, bank and even to eat lok lok..we almost rounded the whole Kuantan!-.-
finally, when I reached home, my friends were in my house with song and cakes! *touched*

I really felt so glad to have my friends in my life!!Love them so much!!!
but these 2 days, most of them left for uni to further studies :(
I miss all of you so much!! all the best in everything and may our friendship last
Feel free to give me a call when you all have free time


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let by gone be by gone


Friday, May 11, 2012


Kia Ora everyone!!:D
My work in the pack house finally ended on Tuesday!!
facing apples everyday for about 3 sick of apples already -.-
I will be traveling around the south island for about 20 days 

Now I'm in my first stop, Wellington, the capital of New Zealand for 3 days
this is the second big city after Auckland if I'm not mistaken   
love to see so many people walking on the street, the traffics, 
night view of the building's enjoyed being in the city!!
there are much more people and taller buildings here compare to Napier
somehow I still miss Aqua Lodge, the backpacker's house where I live in Napier :(
Aqua Lodge is more like a home, living with the people you use to be, much warmer

I went to the Te Pa Pa museum was kinda interesting actually!
this visit makes me change my perception towards a museum, 
they have 3D short clips, videos, action earthquake house, 
the real giant squid specimen which is bigger than my size......totally different from M'sia!!
tomorrow we will be going to the parliament tour and ride the hundred years cable car..:D

anyway, I will be back to Malaysia in early June which is just a few weeks time
so wait for me guys...I'm coming back SOON~!!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Yes, I've fall sick...because it hurts this badly
lies among truth, truth among lies
I cannot differentiate which is which anymore

maybe it was a mistake since the very beginning
there is none to blame nor scold
just simply an ownself stupidity

anyhow, time will cure
time will fades everything
and soon I will recover
but just time is the matter now

                                                                                                                                                                                     I need someone to talk... 
                                                                                                                                                                                     I need someone to hear...
                                                                                                                                                                                                   I need a hug......